Healthy Eating

How many of us have woken up one day thinking that they wanted to change the way they look?

How many of us have looked at the mirror and thought that they hated what they saw?

How many of us have eaten another slice of pizza promising themselves that it would be the last one?

Certainly I did. In my life I went through a thousands of diets, eating plans, cleansing and detox programs, …

Nothing seemed to work and I was just feeling lost. I’d start reading about a very convincing detox program, I’d start following it and then somewhere along the line I would read about an apparently more effective approach and at that point I would just give up what I was doing to start again. Useless saying that this approach was wrong and it didn’t help me at all.

I went through weight ups and downs, I blamed my metabolism, I felt discouraged, I felt that I could never actually change.

I was feeling even more frustrated because I loved reading, cooking and treating myself to healthy food, I just couldn’t seem to stick to it as much as I wanted to.

IMG_20160116_210646114When I started my journey as a personal trainer and health coach I changed my mindset and I started to be kinder with myself. It’s okay to fail, I won’t get upset anymore for this. It seems a small thing but actually it isn’t.

I started to understand the concept of BIO-INDIVIDUALITY, what is food for a person it can be poison for another. This was a revolutionary concept for me: not all the diets work for everyone, as much as not all the training programs work for everyone.

Getting upset for a program not giving me the results I expected was not the right approach, I just needed to find the one that worked for me.

If you feel you are struggling getting your life back on track and if you want support in designing a program that is personalised just for you and that it will finally work, don’t hesitate to contact me at

More info about health coaching prices and plans here.


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